Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Consider Your Calling...

In our day there is a lot of talk among young Christians about things we are "passionate" about, or things that compel us or "break our hearts" and these things tend to guide us in our decision making. How do we spend our time? What is our role in the Body of Christ and in relation to the rest of the world.

Now, many good things have been accomplished and, I believe, Jesus has been much honored by many men and women who have acted upon the burdens of their hearts. But is that enough? Just to follow something I am "passionate" about? I think there are two very difficult pitfalls on either side of this way of thinking.

One shortfall is that we have a bunch of passionate people who are saying, "God is leading me..." or "my heart tells me..." and intentionally or unintentionally put words in God's mouth that have little or nothing to do with His leading and calling but are really places of compassion or conviction that, although should be considered and possibly acted upon, do not amount to an overwhelming call of God. In this case we can get off track doing good things and living life AS IF those good things are a substitute or appropriate surrogate for our purpose and calling.

The second pitfall are the huge numbers of Jesus-followers who really don't consider to ask God what He thinks on a particular matter and just decides to approach life and ministry as one applies for a summer job... pick the one you like best and start next Monday! This is why there are so many young men and women in ministry simply because that is what their degree from Bible School says... "ministry." And they, like the people of Israel are wondering for how much longer they will wonder in the desert.

John Newton (author of the hymn Amazing Grace) said this, "None but He who made the world, can make a Minister of the Gospel."

Here is a link to an article by a guy named Albert Mohler on calling:


May you, in joyful submission, listen for the voice of the Master calling you today to His purposes and for His GLORY!

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