Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy 8th Anniversary

8 years ago today I married my friend.

I made vows before God & our friends and family that I believed that day. 8 years later... I still mean them. In fact, I mean them more today because the promises made that day have been tested by trial and joy alike. They have been tempered by fire and strengthened in my heart and mind.

Here is what I said and meant 8 years ago today:

Amy, I Love You.
From this day forward
I promise to cherish you, and honor you,
As God makes me able.
I vow to love you and give myself to you
As Christ sacrificed
Himself for the Church.
I will pray for you and uphold you
before the Throne of Grace daily.
I give myself wholly to you alone,
and I will remain faithful to you
in all of life’s trials and joys.
Until the day we are parted in death
And go home to be with our Father.
I Love You.

Happy Anniversary Amy. Walking this journey with you at my side has been God's rich blessing to me. I Love you.